Green recycling wheelie bin fridge magnet
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80 x 115mm Wheelie Recycling Bin Magnets

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80 x 115mm Wheelie Bin / Recycling Bin Fridge Magnets

  • Flexible cost effective shaped fridge magnet
  • Gloss laminate finish as standard, which can be written on with a dry wipe pen or permanent marker
  • Approx 0.65mm overall product thickness
  • A great mail out product that is letterbox friendly for postal marketing campaigns
  • Your logo and details printed in full colour to magnet face
  • Lead time from design approval: 5-7 working days (need it sooner? Ask us)
  • FREE Print Set-up + Design (just send us your logo and details)
  • FREE UK Delivery
  • NO Hidden Charges / All prices exclude VAT (VAT added at checkout)

Recycling can sometimes feel like an afterthought. But what if there was a way to keep it top-of-mind in a fun and functional way? Enter the wheelie bin promotional fridge magnet, a small but mighty tool for boosting recycling awareness at home, work, and across entire communities.

Why Wheelie Bin Fridge Magnets are the Perfect Promotional Tool

Prime Location: People visit their fridge constantly, making them the ideal spot for a constant reminder about recycling practices.

Eye-Catching Design: These recycling bin magnets can be custom printed with vibrant colours, logos, and clear recycling sorting instructions. A well-designed magnet can brighten up a fridge while informing residents.

Long-lasting Impact: Made from durable materials, these magnets can stick around for years, providing a continuous and cost-effective promotional tool.

The Power of Promotion

Council Champions: Local councils can use these wheelie bin shaped magnets to promote their specific recycling schemes. Include clear instructions on what goes in which bin, collection day reminders, or even contact information for bulk waste disposal.

Recycling at Work: Businesses can use these recycling bin magnets to remind employees about proper sorting in the office break room or kitchen. This is a simple yet impactful way to promote sustainability in the workplace.

Businesses of all kinds can use them to promote their brand, upcoming events, or special offers and are a cost-effective way to promote recycling awareness.

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Green recycling wheelie bin fridge magnet

80 x 115mm Wheelie Recycling Bin Magnets