4 Tips for Effective Promotional Products

Promo products are the perfect tool for building a brand! Gain more visibility with our wide range of branded promotional merch.

Check out are tips below to capture attention and create a solid customer base.

Less Is More

You should only have a few seconds to interpret a message!  When branding onto a promotional product make the message clear and concise so as not to be ignored. Use the three-second rule: If you can determine the message in less than 3 seconds it's a winner; if it takes longer, shorten your message.

Readable Typefaces

Using fancy or multiple typefaces can detract from the message and clutter the design when branded onto your merch. The human eye reads much more easily with block letters and proper capitalisation. Opt for clear, straight typefaces that are easily readable and use slightly larger text or bold letters for emphasis or to increase visibility.

Colours That Work

When thinking about your custom logo printed promotional products take into account the contrast between the foreground and background, as this is one of the most important factors for ease of reading. 

Choosing a bold background with a minimal message will draw more attention from the crowd.

Good Call To Action (CTA)

As any good advertiser knows, once you have someone's attention you need to motivate the customer to act on something; this is the "call to action." Essentially you are giving them a nudge in the right direction. An effective promo product needs to have a simple goal with catchy instructions.

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