Make a Statement for the Planet (and Your Brand) with Recycled Brite Coasters

In today's eco-conscious world, finding promotional products that are both effective and sustainable can be a challenge. Look no further than Recycled Brite Coasters. These customisable beauties tick all the boxes: they're good for the planet, great for your brand, and offer exceptional value for money.

Stacks of square recycled brite coasters

Why Brite? Here are just a few reasons to love them:

Eco-Warrior Credentials: Made from 100% recycled plastic, tyres, and paper, these coasters help reduce waste and support environmental responsibility. Your customers will appreciate your commitment to sustainability.

Built to Last: Don't worry about flimsy coasters that curl or get waterlogged. Brite Coasters are low-profile, rigid, and hard-wearing, thanks to their innovative recycled materials. Spills and wear-and-tear are no match for them.

Non-Slip Grip, No Worries: The special non-slip backing ensures drinks stay put, protecting your furniture from unwanted moisture rings. Peace of mind for you and your clients.

Branding Powerhouse: Showcase your logo and details in vibrant full colour on one side. These coasters become mini billboards, reminding customers of your brand every time they reach for a drink.

Fast Turnaround, Hassle-Free: Get your coasters designed and delivered in just 5-7 working days after approval. Plus, enjoy free design setup, free UK delivery, and no hidden charges!

A square and round recycled coaster

Here are some creative ways to utilize Brite Coasters for your business:

Giveaways at events and trade shows.

Welcome gifts for new clients.

Thank-you tokens for loyal customers.

Employee appreciation gifts.

Promotional items for conferences and meetings.

A square and round recycled brite coaster showing off the print area

Investing in Recycled Brite Coasters is an investment in your brand's image and the planet's future. Contact us today and start making a positive impact, one coaster at a time!